About Us

Fifteen years ago I was asked to assist a start-up company with various administrative details necessary to move the company forward.  The owner did not have the time to spend on correspondence, spreadsheets, proposals and forms…he needed to spend his time building his business.

This led to many other opportunities, and the increasing requests for a professional Virtual Assistant inspired me to start Efficient Office Assistance.  The partnerships we have formed and the business successes we are a part of is proof that there is a Virtual Assistant needed at a growing number of businesses.

With 30 years experience in administrative support, including project management, office support training, marketing and sales, and public relations, I understand the varying needs of office administration.  Active training to stay current with today’s technology will also guarantee that our services will provide time and money savings for your business.

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Our Mission

Dedication to providing you with exceptional Administrative Assistance without causing an enormous increase to your overhead expenses. Virtual Assistant Services offers remote (virtual) Administrative Support to the small business owner, independent private practice professional and busy executives.

Michelle DeVoll President & Virtual Assistant