We Save You Money

A small business owner, independent professional, or entrepreneur partnering with Efficient Office Assistance can actually save on their operating expenses.  Some of the cost saving benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant are:

  • No employer related taxes to pay.
  • No benefit packages to offer.
  • No personal leave or sick time.
  • No costs associated with hiring a salaried employee.
  • Virtual Assistants provides their own office space, equipment and supplies.
  • A Virtual Assistant is available on an “as needed basis” so you only pay for the work completed.

Partnering with a VA from Efficient Office Assistance is your solution to overwhelming administrative tasks and projects that accompany the day to day routine of owning a small business.

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Efficient Office Assistance offers hourly contracts for task or project work and flat rates for longer range projects. Rates are not listed as they vary by required task/project.  Contact us for a personal consultation.

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